Our Mission

MONTEONE supports the mantra of protecting and preserving the environment.

The only way for us to enjoy nature is to be an integral part in trying to protect and preserve it. MONTEONE sees to it that its workforce is enlightened on how to protect and preserve the beauty of nature. It is in this mindset that we can contribute towards a nature-friendly approach to progress.

MONTEONE adheres to the concept of free trade.

It believes that the only way to succeed in having the best possible work output is for your employees to truly believe in the company and what it stands for.

MONTEONE believes in giving back.

It has and will always contribute its fair share in projects and endeavors that benefit the community.

MONTEONE will always give glory and honor to God Almighty.

Success in any business endeavor is possible only through God’s.

MONTEONE prioritizes quality over profit.

Being the best doesn’t always mean being the biggest. It will always strive towards service excellence. Success through experience and expertise is honed through years of customer satisfaction. Service excellence is not only a commitment but a promise.

MONTEONE will always aim to exceed industry standards in professionalism, organization and project management.

There is no room for mediocrity. Nation building and progress is only achieved by continuously setting the bar higher.

One with God
One with Nature
One with Progress
One with You

Our Vision

MONTEONE contributes its fair share in projects that aim to protect and preserve the environment. Its thrust is to inculcate environmental consciousness in all its endeavours. It will constantly seek and participate in environmental protection activities.

MONTEONE will be relentless in empowering its workforce with the necessary tools and knowledge to best get the job done. It is through constant enhancements that work excellence is achieved.

MONTEONE will actively participate if not initiate projects that create and impact in the community. Grass-root community projects will be welcome additions to its CSR program.

MONTEONE through its projects will always have an active participation in promoting nation building. Its actions will always be governed by what is beneficial not only to the environment, to man and towards progress.

MonteOne Construction

56 National, Olongapo
Zambales, Philippines 2200
Phone: 047 252 9853
E-mail: construction@monteone.com